With Indie you can sell your software directly to customers. No more capricious reviews, no more sudden policy changes, no more interference. Build and sell without restriction.

If you only sell your software in an app store and the store controls the contract, market place, and customer relationship what exactly is your business built upon? You have one customer; the store. You are left at the whim of that store's policies. Are you really building your own business? Or are you building someone else’s?

You can always sell your software through both channels: directly to customers and via app stores.

How Indie Makes a Business of Your Apps

Indie is a collection of frameworks and tools that turn applications into products you can sell directly to customers. Initially focused on macOS apps, much of Indie is applicable to every app platform.

Indie is not another reseller or app store; the sales are yours and the customers are yours. I am not interested in becoming a partner or being involved in your business. There is no lock-in or up-sell, Indie's source code is open and fairly licensed. I ask for a development fee to support Indie’s development. For those wanting more help, you can pay for code level technical support.

After more than twenty years selling Mac software, I know that a thriving independent eco-system is good for everyone – for the platform, for customers, and for you; the developer.

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